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Chaya Long & Thick Haircut.

Chaya is just boring with her long braid and bun hair style, she wants some new look in short hair style. Hope you all love her hair cut.

Price: INR 199


Our new model Mou has extremely thick hair that reaches up to her hips . But due to extreme thickness and the weight her hair was becoming unmanageable for her in this heating weather. So she decides to go for a new shorter style. She is very happy with her new medium bob hair style.This picture set contains 145 high resolution pictures.

Price: 199 INR.


Mita singh is a teacher and she haven't cut her hair for 20 years. Now she wants to change her hair style. So she came to us. We gave her a modern shoulder length look. The braid was 153 cm in length. This picture set contains 237 hing resolution pictures of her makeover process. If you want to buy this photo set please contact us

Price: 299 INR.


Our new model Debosree has amazing silky below waist length hair , that has been taken care off beautifully since her childhood. But now as for a change she wants to change her hair style. So she came to us . We gave her a medium length bob hair style. This photo set contains 32 high resolution pictures. BUY DEBOSREE"S HAIRCUT VIDEO and YOU WILL GET HER PHOTO SET ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!!

Price: Free with her Haircut Video


Reshmi is our new model who has very very thick and silky hair. But such a thick and heavy hair is pretty tough to manage . She is doing that for last five years, but now she wants to change her hairstyle to a much shorter style which is easily manageable for hair. That's why she came to us.This photoset contains 28 high resolution photos.please contact us for purchase.

Price: 49 INR.


Mousumi is a teacher and she has beautiful longhair that is hip length long , awesome texture and very very silky . Due to her work pressure she had no choice but go for a shorter hair style . So we gave her a magnificent medium bob hair style. She was very happy with her new hair style . This picture set contains 186 high resolution photos of our new model mousumi's total makeover process. In order to buy this picture set please contact us.

Price: 199 INR.


Uma had a beautiful knee length hair. we surprise when she tell us to cut it up to her shoulder length . It was too soft, silky and the after cut piece length is 33".This picture set contains 203 high resolution pictures of Uma's hair makeover process. If you want to purchase her hair, video, or picture set please contact us

Price: 199 INR.


Avantika had thigh length hair. And first time in her life she wants to snip it from just bellow shoulder. Regarding this makeover we are introducing our new model Avantika.Avantika's long haircut picture set is now available for purchase.

Price: 149 INR

Super Thick Rapunzel

This was a fabulous model with a awesome hair.We were able to take snaps and videos of the hair of the model as she agreed for the haircut up to her shoulder.But when she saw the scissors were going to chopped her hair, she started to weep .So we had to stop the shoot and let her go.We are extremely sorry that we will not be able to launch the haircut video of this model.Picture set is available. And the video coming soon. (No haircut)

Price: 199 INR